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everything you should know
the product
Where do your products come from? Who creates them?
They are hand-made in Poland but they originate from many places around the world, depending on the tree species. Rezzwood is a proprietary and self-made craft made by Polish craftsmen.
What materials is the Rezzwood jewellery made of?
It is a combination of natural wood with jewelry resin which enables to provide an unrepeatable effect. Our products are made of natural wood like exotic Wenge, Zebrano, Purple Heart. We also use the classic tree species from Poland like oak.
Is there a possibility of creating products for an individual order?
Yes, there is. We are open for such co-operation. We want each product to be unique. We will complete your idea and in order to do so, please contact us.
Do you create various sizes of rings?
Our products have various sizes. It is a typical size of jewellers, thanks to which you can easily fit the ring for your size.
How to choose the proper ring's size?
If you buy a gift for someone significant check the size in 'Ring size' section There you can easily, step by step, get to know how to check the size at home.
Is the Rezzwood jewellery delicate? Is it humidity or/and water resistant?
Such natural material as wood has its own attributes. Unless it gets mechanical damage, it is really resistant to different conditions. Though, to make our products more resilient, we secure each product with several layers of high level quality Danish oil. Due to this splashing them to water or exposing them to rain does not harm them. You should remember that wood has its own caprices and for example swimming in the sea or taking long baths are not recommended.
How to clean and maintain the bought jewellery?
We advice only a delicate cleaning with a humid cloth without any detergents, because our preservation during the production process guarantees the bet resistance for at least a year.
Is the Rezzwood jewellery available only in your web-shop?
At the moment we are broadening the cooperation with chosen shops which list will soon be available on our web-site.
How are the Rezzwood products packed?
Each product is packed in a branded packaging. Like all our products the container is wooden and elegant as well and it is filled with moss. The package photo can be found next to each product photo.
What kind of shipments do you propose?
We have 4 kinds of shipments: International Mail, Global Express Mail, DPD International, DPD Express AIR.
How long do you need to wait for the order realisation?
The necklaces are sent the next day after the order. The rings are always made on an individual order that is why the sending time is 2-3 days as long as we need to create them.
the return/exchange/quarantee:
Do the Rezzwood products have a guarantee?
Yes, of course. Possible defects (except for mechanical damage) have a 24-month guarantee.
If the product for any reason does not suit my likes, can I return it?
Yes, you can. As a customer you have rights to do so. Unused product can be returned within 14 days from the day of the delivery.
What can I do if the ring size doesn't fit?
If the ring was chosen along our guidance but it does not fit it can just be sent back and we will exchange it for a fitting size for free.
How can I create a complaint under the guarantee?
You need to write and e-mail and describe the problem entitling the message 'Complaint'.
How long does it take to examine the complaint?
Each complaint is taken into consideration individually and we try to solve the problem as fast as possible.
In what way can I send the product back in order to its exchange/return?

The returns and exchanges should be sent at the address below:


Sarmacka Street 5/46

02-972 Warsaw, Poland

phone number: +48 692 092 411

the payment
What payment forms do you respect?
You can pay online by Paypal.
How to make the payment for the order?
After adding the chosen product to the cart you will be taken to the payment site where you can choose the payment form.
Is there a possibility of making the payment in other currency?
During the on-line payment you decide what currency you will pay in. Your bank/card provider will do everything else for you.
the contact/cooperation:
Where can I find you?
Our proprietary workshop is in Mokotów, Warsaw. There the individual products are created . If you want to know more, read 'About us' section.
With whom should I contact if I have an individual order or if I have some detailed questions concerning Rezzwood?
We are open for new challenges and broader co-operation with shops/galleries. If so, contact our owner - Mateusz: +48 692 092 411.