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About Us

How did I exchange an office for my own workshop?
A craftsman.This term seems like one not up to date. For some people it can be associated with old times, with Middle Ages. And what the old times are being associated with? For me – with quality, with a product which was fitting certain needs, because it was created for individual clients' needs. Few years ago I set myself a mission of fulfilling those needs. Finally, one day I exchanged my plastic office located in Mokotów, Warsaw to my own workshop few streets farther. The jacket had to find its place in a wardrobe and me – full of doubts and hope at the same time – I started searching for a set of aprons.

For some time the workshop became my second home, and wood together with precious materials – the most frequent company. I had to learn a lot of new things and overcome few obstacles. But the most difficult was to be patient. Patiency – a feature which people lack so much nowadays and which determines the success. It is crucial while working with wood, especially when the final effect is to provide beauty and individual style. Out of this patience the Rezzwood brand was born. Today it gives me the calmness and lets me adapt to the role of a modern craftsman for whom the biggest satisfaction is to see the self-made jewellery which can astonish and evoke a sparkle in the eye regardless the client's age.

Rezzwood is my modern vision of the craft because it uses natural materials and each product is unique and exceptional. I have contact with many of my clients, I know and execute their needs. And I do it with regard to modern times: conveniently and accessibly: via the Internet, by fast payment methods and with express shipping. Simply instead of anonymous group from an air-conditioned office (to which I myself belonged) on the other side there is me and my proprietary workshop.

Mateusz Gmaj, founder of Rezzwood